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How much writing per week for Grade 6 student?

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Well, I never really thought about 'how much'. Good question.


We use WWS 4 times a week. That is a formal writing program.

We do grammar 3X a week and spelling 4X

He uses a textbook based science program that has questions at the end of each chapter. That is done 2-3 times a week. He also writes up experiments and that is 2 times a week or so,

In history we follow the guidelines of TWTM so one day he does list of facts, and timeline. Second day he writes about 5-7 sentence narration. Third day he does a 2 point outline.

There is Latin and Spanish and they both involve some writing.


I don't really have a page count for you. It is just whatever needs to be done for the assignment.


All writing is by hand. He doesn't seem to mind writing. He doesn't do any creative writing on his own but wants to try it. He has gone to writing workshops at the public library.

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How much writing do you require of an average Grade 6 student?


Paper/ paragraph writing- 3-5 paragraphs each 6-8 sentences with specific sentence pattern variation and proofread about every 2 weeks.


Can you tell me in pages, handwritten or typed. Do you use a formal writing program?


This is usually handwritten by outline, written as a rough draft, polished for sentence patterns, then proofread. IEW writing program


Are you more relaxed in your approach?


IEW in a relaxed style(Many would laugh at IEW being relaxed, but for us it is the ultimate in flexibility): Christmas letter, rewritten Aesop fable with a different setting and characters, a comparison paper b/t two ancient cultures, a retelling of Jonah with details of Ninevah from history study.

Just about any topic can be used at this level. I just vary between fiction and nonfiction and keep adjusting the polishing and proofreading goals upward.


Does your child like to write?

You know, I've never asked. After 5 years in IEW, she's seeing some real success and satisfaction with how she writes.

:grouphug: This is just where this dd is on her journey. Ask again in 2 more years and I may have a completely different story for ds. He's in IEW too, but each one has to make the journey. KWIM

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Well, my dd is just finishing up 5th grade so will be 6th in the new year. Currently she is doing this writing:


- 3 written narrations per week: history x2, and literature

- copywork about 3 times a week alternating between poetry, lit, Bible.

- dictation once or twice a week.


Her narrations are usually about one handwritten page, copywork about a paragraph, and dictation about 1/2 to 3/4 of a page.


On top of that she writes letters and every now and then does a freewrite/story. We are not currently using a formal writing program. I'm finding her writing to be improving by writing regular narrations.


Next year, I will likely add outlining as well and report writing on countries she has studied.

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We have a somewhat relaxed attitude about writing.


DS does

-literature unit studies: 2 to 3 pages of different styles of writing each week.

-Writing Strands: 1 finished piece each week.

-IEW class weekly


He also usually has a paper for history and notebooking for science in there as well.

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