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And another dust question: Books in the allergic child's room?

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We finally gave DD6 some Claritin, and we've seen a HUGE difference in her coughing and congestion between yesterday and today--absolutely huge. So we're doing all the recommended things--getting her big fabric canopy out of there, getting stuffed animals out, washing all bedding on hot with vinegar, dusting, vacuuming, etc. I'll probably get her a HEPA filter as well.


She has two open bookshelves in her room though, and I'm wondering if I need to get those out of there too. Is it enough to do all the other dust remediation and then just run a microfiber duster or cloth over the tops of the books every week? If you're allergic to dust etc., do you keep books in your bedroom, or would you get them all out of there?


TIA again!

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My dd has allergies and she keeps books in her room without any trouble. We keep the bookshelf dusted but don't dust the books.


Good job on what you've done! And I'm glad to hear that she has improved so dramatically.


My dd's allergest made some suggestions for us that helped...get rid of the carpet if she has it in her room, remove any plants (the soil grows molds that can cause problems), keep all pets out, and put an allergen cover on the mattress and pillow. We also invested in some good HEPA filters and that made a huge difference. We also regularly change the furnace filters.

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when i took the books out of our bedroom, dh's breathing was noticeably better.


maybe you could try the gradual approach? leave the books, do everything else and see what happens. maybe a kindle would help, that way she could have her books without the dust?


:grouphug: its a lot of work, but worth it if it helps.


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