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Secular Logic Stage Chemistry

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I am looking for past threads on secular chemistry, but I am not having much luck. Particularly I am looking for a secular chemistry program for my 8th grade son for next year to use as an independent study to supplement (or provide the main course) what I am doing as a group for our family's study of chemistry that is geared toward my 4th and 6th grade sons. This is my last year with him home full time as the plan is to put him in PS part time for high school so that I don't have to teach the sciences and foreign language.


I think he needs a text book with tests and chapter assignments and such that I can choose from to make a good, independent chemistry curriculum. I am interested in CPO science, but I am overwhelmed by the amount of separate products and rather uninspired by the book that I have (CPO Physical Science first edition 978-1-58892-498-8)


I don't think I am going to have him do experiments on his own, rather we will complete them as a group. He is not a detail-oriented person and experiments don't go so well for him without help.


I also have Prentice Hall Science Explorer (I have the indivudual texts, which I prefer) but I don't have any tests, worksheets, etc. Are those available?


Any other texts? It needs to be secular.

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There is also Thinkwell. Not exactly a text, LOL. They are video lectures with tests and stuff, totally secular. You can do a 14 day trial where you have access to a few parts of chapters, can look, do some exercises, look at content etc. It is a pretty good way to get an idea for what it involves, and if your kid will respond to it, without spending anything.


They do not hound you after trying it either.


I am using Algebra I, and it is going so well that I bought Algebra II and Biology for next year when Homeschool buyer's co-op had a half off sale. If you like it...wait for one of those HSBC sales.


Then you can do any lab or experiments on your own...or not.


When we do bio, I will add some dissection labs and stuff then it is a full high school credit class. And their customer service is excellent.

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You could take a look at this free curriculum from the American Chemical Society:






This is what we are going to use, along with a bio course (that is not secular). You can use it as a supplement--it's quite clear, and the discovery approach is well-accepted.


Buuut...It isn't a text like you wanted, sorry.

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If you are going to be doing hands on stuff with him then you might check out Science Daybook. They are at Rainbow and are not very much $. It is an independent workbook. You read on a topic and then answer questions. Honestly, it is not inspiring, but it gets the job done. You don't need the teacher's book. That is just a filled in version of the workbook.

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