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XPost about my summer reading program...help appreciated


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Trying to come up with my own summer reading program for 12dd & 11ds

and 8dd. I had gone to our local library to sign up for the summer reading program and realized that it would totally get on my nerves to keep up with minutes read per day. I would much rather give credit per book read.

I was thinking about allowing so many "fluff" books (ie Nancy Drew, etc), so many biographies, so many science and/or history books, etc.

Can anyone help me think this through and come up with a plan. I have no clue how many would be reasonable!

Thanks for any suggestions!

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Our library did something like this, and I am going to come up with my own version for the summer, too. Basically, I will "require" 12 books (figuring about one per week).


I will require probably 2 biographies, 2 science, 1 poetry, 2 history, etc.


My library mixed it up by sticking in a few fun ones: 1 book with a red cover; 1 book from the 300 or 400 section; 1 book with the word "Forever" in the title.


I'll probably stick a few of these in there, too.


I'll let each kid keep track of books they read above and beyond these requirements.


I am not sure what their "prize" will be. Perhaps there won't be one... I'm not sure. Any thoughts?

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I have the book Honey for a Child's Heart and I gave them the book and told them they got to pick a couple books from each section. (They have historical fiction, fantasy, etc...) This worked great because it took them outside their comfort zone in choosing books.

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Thanks so much! I have not made my final decision on the prize. I had mentioned maybe a movie or a dinner or both. But my kids have just recently become motivated by MONEY! So I may just give them a certain amount.

They really don't need an incentive to read since they read a LOT on their own.

However, this summer we plan to be indoors a bit more considering the cost of gas and the heat. So rather than being bored, which leads to arguing....I thought about doing the reading incentive to keep them busy with a goal in mind.

I also found a link at The Old Schoolhouse Magazine with a list of books for their summer reading. That was helpful, too. I really liked the book adventure site AND the idea of letting them choose out of the book Honey for a Child's Heart.

Thanks so much!!

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I like the idea of tracking time read versus books read. Not all children can just breeze through books quickly. With slower readers (which isn't a bad thing, comprehension is more important than speed I think), a set number of books encourages them to look for "easier" books. With time, this way, you end up getting a clearer picture of how much a child reads. Also if a child wants to spend all summer reading a challenging book, he/she gets a reward, too.

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