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Figuring credit for Vandiver lectures

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We are trying to figure out credits for some of the Vandiver lectures.


DS has been listening to the Herodotus lectures each week and we discuss the questions, but he has not done any written replies as of yet. We also now have her lectures on The Illian, Odyssey and Aeneid.


So, I am wondering what these might fall under on a high school transcript and how much writing one would expect the student to do for adequate credit. DS has so many things to cover in the next 3 years I do not know how to squeeze it all in!


This year he has been doing World History using Spielvogel text but he is looking for more variety in learning mode. For LA he is doing Oak Meadow 9th grade LA, Easy Grammar for 9th grade, some IEW and a bit of this and that. I am wondering if we should convert his World History to Ancients for the remainder of the year. Or if we should add half a credit of somethign else?

How do others use these and put them on a transcript or what would you suggest?

Any thoughts appreciated.

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We used 72 of Dr. Vandiver's lectures last year for DD's Ancient history and literature studies.

I simply counted the time spent on the lectures as part of the total time spent on history and English, which came to 290 hours. I decided this was sufficient to award one credit for history and one credit for English.

In addition to the lectures, she worked with a textbook, read Great books (Homeric epics, the Aeneid, Herodotus, Greek tragedies, Ovid...) and wrote ten papers on historical and literary topics, ranging from one to four pages in length.

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Thanks for breaking this down for me.


I need to alter may way of thinking and count hours spent on a subject for at least a starting point in calculating credit for high school


Probably DS would prefer fewer writing assignments, but of longer length, as opposed to answering several short questions in the text book. We will have to work out time spent on different topics to see if he wants to try for a World History credit or Ancients.


I am thinking he can gain part of a Grade 9 English credit, but he will continue to work through the OM program and supplement with some Great Books for the entire credit.

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