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My hubby's early Christmas Present...

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So DH has lamented that everyone has a dog but him...that he would like a little spotted dog of sorts. We looked at the local pound. Almost took home a dog from friends of my mom and dad over the THanksgiving holiday. The dog was very sweet, but not really what hubby was looking for. So I kept an eye out.


Our shelter here is working toward being a no kill, but at this time it is not possible. Not enough room or funds. Each week there is an E-List (euthanasia) list put out. It's unfortunate, but it's also a reality of what happens...


They started these lists in hopes that the dogs would start getting out into homes. It is working.


Last week the list had a little Rat Terrier mix. I showed DH and he liked his looks. Took a chance and called the pound after hours...someone actually picked up and put my name on his impound sheet for the morning. DH and I agreed that if the little dog didn't fit in with our current crew then we would foster him until someone adopted him.


He has totally fit right in (although the GSD is still on the fence about it ;)).


Introducing Bandit; these were his e-list pictures. I've got to take some more. He looks sort of big, but he's only 20 lbs:




He loves to steal socks, hand towels, rags and such from baskets. He has a love for stuffed things or furry things-he keeps trying to steal the stockings because of the fur trim. He's going to be getting his own fluffy dog toy for Christmas. :D


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Oh he's a little mess...yesterday he tried to walk off with a hand towel from the basket all steath like...today the children said that he spazed out over something while they were outside raking leaves and got caught in the blinds, lol. Then they said they put him in the crate to prevent it from happening again, but when they came inside, there he was, wandering about the house...:confused: perhaps we have a Houdini as well. :tongue_smilie:

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