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Will my 4 year old be happy? A Christmas thread.

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I'm confident that the big kids will be thrilled with their gifts. Plus they have proven themselves to be really good sports about getting less the past few years. We've managed to get each of them something they'll flip over for $37 out of pocket.


DS4 is harder though. We don't know what he really wants and would really play with. He wanted a kids laptop even though he has access to a real computer. He says he knows the kids ones can't do the same thing as a real one. So, when Leapfrog had a buy 2 get 1 free sale, I got him the Leaptop and Magnetic Word Builder (I want the younger two to have this in hopes they'll learn their letters and sounds). The free item was a gift for DD2.


He's also getting a Cars 2 magnet set from Costco. It has a wooden McQueen and 50 magnetic pieces/disguises.


DD/DS teamed up to buy him a LED Captain Hook hook with their own money.


His big gift will be a club chair of his very own. When we had this infant/toddler chair, he and my youngest fought over it constantly. The cover was destroyed so it got left behind in the last move. The new chair is to replace that and solve the problem of not having enough seating for all of us in the living room.


His stocking will probably have candy, fun socks, chocolate straws, a squishy throw against the wall and watch it go splat egg, and other small things.


Do you think a loud, active four year old boy would be happy with this?

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I think you are worrying yourself needlessly. It sounds like a fantastic Christmas for a four year-old. I gave my son (then almost 3) a gajillion presents last year, because I wrapped a ton of the Sonlight P 3/4 books individually. The poor dude had present unwrapping fatigue after five or so. This year, he's getting much less!

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Do you think a loud, active four year old boy would be happy with this?


as long as it comes with a box he can build with - great. seems little kids always want the boxes.


(stove/dishwasher boxes make great forts. Their corners are reinforced.)

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