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Is there a unit study on


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My 2 yrs old is really really into motorcycles. He could sit and spend hours watching motorcycles helmet commercials and motorcycles on you tube. The rest of the family knows nothing about them other than they have two wheels.


We would like to do a unit study on Motorcycles. Any ideas? I didnt see any on Amanda Bennetts site.

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It is SO easy to put together a unit study on anything you want! Step 1, trip to the library. Step 2, some free lapbooking templates. Step 3, build a model, visit a motorcycle museum, talk to the pros about safety etc (if you meet a pro, show off your lapbook). Step 4, celebrate with food - make a festive "motorcycle cookies" or a "motorcycle cake" or something to celebrate everything you've learned!

(eta - "motorcycle helmet" might be a good shape for a cake!)

When my 2-yo son was into motorcycles, I did literally NOTHING to encourage his interest, beyond maybe a few library books, but we had a biker neighbour who gave him a little Kawasaki Ninja that played real sound effects and it was his favourite toy for about 5 years. Of course, the neighbour was his favourite person in the entire universe, too!

Anyway, good luck!

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