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Free "secular supplement" for Song School Latin Xmas Chapters


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We are REALLY enjoying Song School Latin, and the only "problem" with the book, for our family, was Chapters 16 and 17, which are all about Xmas - the vocabulary, the questions, the chapter story, the activities.

The vocabulary in those chapters is important, and I didn't want to just skip it, so I took the liberty of creating a version that works for us that can be pasted on top of the corresponding sections of the book. That way, when we get to those chapters, we'll be able to motor on through them with no interruptions (it's tough to adapt the story of the birth of Jesus to a secular or Jewish environment "on the fly," so I figured I'd plan ahead).

As with so many of the materials I create, I have no idea if anybody else out there could use such a thing, but I figure I can't be the only one.

If you're interested, you can check out my discussion of the program and a link to download this FREE 4-page printable on my site here.

* PLEASE, please, please... I hope nobody is offended by this. If your family celebrates Xmas and you like the book as it is, that's super! But it didn't QUITE work for us that way... :-)

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