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In some ways dogs are like little kids...

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I remember when my kids were little & I'd have to get them to go outside and play in our very safe, fenced yard. They would press their faces to the window and look at me longingly.


Now I try to send my dogs outside to play in the sun and they do the same thing.

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In college, I thanked my roommates for living with my "chronic 2 year old"... My Aussie. He was a wonderful dog, and my doggie-soul mate... Even at 16 years old, before we lost him, he had his toddler moments. :001_wub: I miss them.


Now we have 2 pups, and oh boy, are they like little kids! They wrestle and get rowdy at the oddest moments, and I inadvertently taught them the command, "Take it outside!" :D

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