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How hard is it to make earrings and what do I need to make this....


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DD13 use to love to eat fish but over the past few years, has grown a bit weary of it. The other night we were eating some amazing fresh salmon. She didn't want to eat it, but I bribed her to take 1 bite, and when she found that palatable, I got her to eat 2.


I told her I would buy her 2 $10 Christmas presents. I am thinking about making her salmon earrings instead. LOL I have sculpty and can make the salmon, but I don't know anything about making earrings. I am thinking small little fishhook style.


She asked for 'dangle' earrings for Christmas (I already have 2 pair for her) so it will fit into her list.


She will ABSOLUTELY get the joke, it will not be a disappointment for her.

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You can purchase the earring 'base' at a craft store (fishhook or post style with a jump ring attached).


Use a jewelry pin (about 2 inches long with a 'nail head' on the end.


Form your 'salmon' around the jewelry pin (nail head side) and bake (nail head is inside the clay-- extra wire is sticking out what will be the 'top' of the dangle.


Use pliers to make a loop in the extra wire and attach to the earring base. Cut off extra if needed.


You could also cut the jewelry pin down and make the loop before you build the clay fish around the end. Just use a jump ring to attach it to the earring base.


By including the nail head inside the clay fish it will be more stable than if you inserted a straight wire.

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