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What age for Scratch or Alice programming? And does one


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As long as a child can read fairly well (maybe 3rd grade level or so), Scratch is quite easy and intuitive. My DD started playing with it about a year ago, and has moved from simple animations to some fairly sophisticated little games.


Alice is harder because of the 3D aspect-DD has had trouble putting objects together in ways that actually work when she writes the routines for them. She's enjoyed the tutorials, though.

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Ahh Scratch, so near and dear to our homeschool. All 3 of my boys (ages 9, 7, and 5) LOVE Scratch and would do it all the time if I let them! It is a FABULOUS introduction to programming and the forums are great places for kids to share their completed projects for feedback.


It's free to download and create an account to share programs online (scratch.mit.edu) so I'd say download the software and see if your kids are interested. There are video tutorials at the site and another site (http://www.learnscratch.org) is another great starting place with more tutorials.


My older son has recently been moving on to Ruby for Kids programming, so we haven't messed with Alice at all here yet, but you can't go wrong with Scratch as a starting point! Have fun programming!



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