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Dh's colon ordeal is finally winding to a close...

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In October, my dh had an emergency surgery to remove part of his colon, which had ruptured and caused infection. He came home with a colostomy. This week he was able to get it reversed and all the plumbing reconnected :D. After a week in the hospital (again) he came home today and is doing well. We are so glad to finally put this whole ordeal behind us, and hopefully not have to see the inside of a hospital again for a long while! Anyway, I wanted to thank everyone here that has said prayers for him. They have been well received and much appreciated.

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Thank God he's doing so well, Apryl!


My mom was in the exact same situation many years ago, and had the same surgeries, so I know how incredibly horrible your dh has been feeling. He must be so relieved to have had the reversal surgery.


It takes a while to get back to "normal" after all this stuff, but he'll get there!



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I'm glad he is doing better! Do they know why his colon ruptured in the first place?


Diverticulitis gone wild. He's had some flare ups in the past (undiagnosed...he never really went to the doc for them) and we think that with his neck surgery, which was just 3 days before it ruptured, and the medications he was on for that, he couldn't fight off the infection this time when it flared up. It went wild and ended up rupturing. All the docs and nurses were astounded that he had that happen at his age (38).

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