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WOOHOO, he finally finished WWS week 1 day 4


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We're actually officially on winter break, have been for about 2.5 weeks. His first attempt didn't go so well, so I told him we'd go back over the directions and try again when we started school back up Jan 2nd. He insisted that he wanted to keep working on it and tried it again. Now it took him a few weeks as mentioned above, but this is what he came up with. I know he wrote is as more of a rewrite of the story, instead of "report" about what happened, but I was really proud of him for all the hard work he put into it.

Please let me know what you think.


Dullhead went out to cut wood, but when he got to the forest he was greeted by a little gray man who asked Dullhead for some food. Dullhead gave him half of his food, the man thanked Dullhead and told him about a golden goose. After Dullhead found teh goose he stayed at an inn where people stuck fast to the feathers of the goose. Dullhead went to a castle after he heard that if he made the Princess laugh he could take her as his bride. When Dullhead went into the castle with the people stuck to the goose, the princess began to laugh. Dullhead claimed her as his bride, but the king refused. Dullhead found the little gray man to help with the tasks of the king. The man ate a mountain of bread and drank a cellar full of wine. Dullhead asked for him and the princess to be married, but the king denied Dullhead's request, and said he had to find a ship that could sail on land and water. Dullhead sought out the little gray man and because Dullhead had helped him, the little man gave Dullhead a ship that could sail on land and sea. Dullhead gave the ship to the king and the king gave his daughter's hand in marriage. THE END

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