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Type of fabric - sewing shower curtain

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I am a relative novice when it comes to sewing, but would really like to make a shower curtain for my DDs' bathroom. What type of fabric should I look for (it will be used with a vinyl liner)? I read online to look for decorator fabric - what exactly is that, can I use quilting fabric instead? There seems to be a much greater selection of that than anything else. Would I need to line it if I use quilting fabric (and then also use a vinyl liner)?


Any help/thoughts would be most appreciated!

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I have made a shower curtain using regular quilting fabric. I think it is ok unless you want it to last more than a few years. They might also be suggesting decorator fabric because it is wider. I just joined two pieces of fabric to create the width I needed using a french seam--there are several tutorials online for french seams--and I reinforced the top hem of the curtain with interfacing and made buttonholes in it for the curtain rings. It lasted quite a long time, and was so easy to wash. Hope this helps.


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I made one out of a sheet (thanks for that suggestion, Martha Stewart), so quilting fabric should be fine. I did button holes on the top (which aren't as complicated as I thought they'd be). My advice is to lay your vinyl liner on top of your fabric liner to mark the holes.


that might be some captain obvious advice, but I hadn't thought of it when i started. ;)

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