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Stacked frontloaders too heavy?

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I'm anticipating buying an Electrolux set and my dad (retired civil engineer) is making noises about the units being too heavy to stack unless the floor has some reinforcement.


I appreciate his concern, but seems to me that consumers are stacking these things all the time and I've yet to hear of washers and drying breaking (or denting, or bowing, or cracking) through floors.


My little house has 1429 square feet, and having a stacked set has always been one of my dreams. Every bit of space I can free is a great gift!


Whaddya think?

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It's often done in Britain - you need a kit to connect them.


Washer-dryers (in one unit) don't work very well: the washer capacity is usually twice that of the dryer, so you need to either run the washer half empty, or remove half the clothes before drying. The drum is small, so the clothes come out creased.



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