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Look at my plan for 4th grade next year?


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This is my plan for 4th grade next year. Some of my goals are to have her write more, stretch her thinking, and learn the countries and capitals. Is this reasonable? enough?


I am thinking of adding on some sort of critical thinking, as she gets lazy and doesn't apply herself whole-heartedly, but I don't know what to add. I am also thinking of adding an easy to adapt geography. Not sure what to add there either, maybe Geography Matters? For the writing goal, I was thinking of having her narrate or write in the WWE style some of her history, literature, or reader readings on top of WWE3 (not necessary?).


SL Core C plus SOTW2 and AG

LA: WWE3, FLL4, AAS3 (maybe part of 4), HWT4, SL grade 4-5 readers

CLE math 4

SL Science D

Artistic Pursuits book 2, recorder (YIKES!)


Too much?

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For history you might want to pick one program as your main one and keep the other one as something you do if you have time, but not a high priority.


Daily Geography Practice is an easy option to consider for geography.


With the writing again you could say WWE 3 is your main writing program, but if there is time you'll add in extra narrations. Basically, be flexible on anything you're hoping to do over and above the essentials. It's a must to get WWE 3 done, and if you can do more, great! But don't get behind in WWE 3 in order to make time for extra narrations.


Critical thinking - you could get some workbooks like the Logic Countdown series. My ds is doing Latin and chess club and in my mind those double as critical thinking.

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The capitols are fun! My 4th grader and 3rd grader are memorizing the states and their capitols right now and they've actually enjoyed it. Also, hobby lobby sells a puzzle that has most of the countries of the world. I think it was 15 bucks. Anyway, that would be a really fun way to learn the countries. That's next for us!

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