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Frustration/stress - family health, inlaws, travel


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Good thoughts or prayers appreciated.


My mother-in-law has been in the hospital since Monday. Lots of stuff has been going on. She's currently scheduled for surgery on Tuesday to remover her stomach (tumor found) and also a gallstone that's in the small intestine.

They still haven't been able to speak with the oncologist.


They live on the other side of the country.

My husband's just bought tickets and is flying out tomorrow. He'll be gone about a week. I don't have family here but some good friends are helping out with appointments I've got scheduled.


Father-in-law had a heart attack about 3 weeks ago.

It's tough.


We're lucky that my husband is able to take leave and we're able to afford him getting out there... but it's a bit tough & scary right now.

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We head out to the airport in a bit.

My son's writing a note to his grandma to be delivered.


We were lucky that we were able to get them out for a visit mid-October. That's the first time they've seen our son since he was 3. So it's nice that he's got the memories of them but it's also rough on him.


Hopefully they'll be able to talk with the oncologist today.


Meanwhile, I'm planning out our week here. My husband does the grocery shopping, kitchen cleaning, and cooking while he's home, so my workload just increased - and due to allergies we can't eat out so ordering a pizza doesn't work. I think school will quickly become reading and watching videos.

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