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My son wants to move to a "regular spelling" program. He is 13 and does not like AAS. We are in level 4. I do not make him spell with the tiles and I let him write out his words on a dry erase board. I have tried to elimate anything that would be percieved as babyish. We have tried AP, Barton and sequential spelling. I have found that his reading is better now that we have been using AAS but he is becomming really resistant. I am not sure what to do next. Anyone have any ideas. I was thinking about Rod and Staff maybe. We do use mega words for reading but he is not able to spell the words very well. Ideas?

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For a teenager? We looked at it when my oldest was 10 and it seemed quite "young" even then.




That worked really well for my dd who had auditory processing issues.


I'm just getting ready to dig my old copy out to use on my last hs'er, as he too, needs help in this area.

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