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I baked cookies for Cub Scouts tonight...

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Oh, I feel your pain! When I was a den leader I was such a basket case anyways.....to have something like that happen would have ruined my whole night :grouphug:


Have a glass of wine ( a big one) and is it possible to get some those pillsbury cookies you can bake up quick?


Hope your day gets better!



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I hope you took a picture of the chocolate thief and I pray he doesn't get sick. I could see my kid doing that.




I thought about her getting sick too . . . keep a bucket handy. Talk about some natural consequences, though! Poor mama. :grouphug:

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One year, ds's cub den had an annual cake contest at Christmas. Everyone made these fabulous cakes, which would be voted on, etc. Dh was away, the baby was fussy and we were seriously pressed for time, but I was determined that we would have *something* to enter, despite the fact that cake decoration is not one of my gifts. We made a square chocolate cake, with the idea that we would frost it and put some LEGO guys on it. I turned around for a second, and when I looked back ds was churning up the whole top of the cake. Like, digging holes in it. Churning, I tell you. All over it. Holes. Large ones. DEEP BREATH. Count to ten.


"Um, tell me about your plan for the cake?" "Well mom, there's going to be two teams of guys, and they're digging, and fighting, and.....". Well OK, he HAS a plan. And it's supposed to be a cake he makes, not one I make. DEEP BREATH. At this point, I have no choice but to go with it. We finish the cake, smearing icing where we can, mostly the edges as the center is way too churned up, and poking LEGO guys all over it, many buried up to their waists in cake. What a huge mess.


We went to the meeting, and while the adults were getting everything organized, ds, who was very proud of this cake, told all the scouts about what the guys on the cake were doing, what they were fighting and digging about, etc. Meanwhile, I was getting looks of sympathy and superiority from the other moms, who had all produced AMAZING cakes, each with a scout theme or a Christmas theme or, bless their hearts, both a scout theme AND a Christmas theme in the same cake. Well the time came for the contest, with votes on various categories - best scout cake, best Christmas cake, best of show (voted on by the boys), etc.


You know how this turns out, right? I mean, think about it. Ds had explained what his cake was all about, and there was LEGO and fighting and big chunks of churned up cake mixed with chocolate frosting all over it. What's not to like, for a cub scout age boy?! Yep, best of show! :D


Enjoy your meeting!

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