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Whew--3yo behavior

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The week we moved, he was awful--full-blown throw himself in the floor screaming like I've never seen a kid do in real life. After a couple of weeks, he settled down.


Then the baby came, & wow. I think he was spoiled quite a bit the week I was in the hospital. Combined w/ all the changes--new baby, me out of the house for the first time in his life, etc. Wow. Crazy difficult. He was telling me NO to my face. Not in the 2yo way, but in a more thoughtful, out-&-out I WON"T DO WHAT YOU SAY way.


The past 2 days have been delightful. He cleaned off his place at dinner (wow! my bigs don't always do that), put his clothes away, cleaned up half the school room--all without being asked. Yesterday he laid down for his nap when he was told--no crying or arguing. Last night, he went to bed just as pleasantly. He was upset when older ds told him he had to take his hat & sunglasses (latest uniform, lol) off to sleep, but older ds is a little bossy like that. When he was more polite (ie, not just pulling the accessories off 3yo's face), 3yo smiled, took the hat & sunglasses off, & hung them up.


He came up to me today & said, "Mama, I need your ear." Terrified, I leaned down to whatever unknown plan he had. He whispered in my ear that he wanted something--I forget what--cupping his little hands around my face. But more importantly? Not screaming.


I knew he'd get back to himself. Really. But waiting...wow, it's hard. Crossing my fingers now that this isn't temporary. :lol:

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Wow! That sounds great!


My boy is nearly three, and he has been mixing up washing sanitiser, washing detergent and white vinegar in my washing machine. :glare:




Most days he acts more like he belongs on the fields of ancient Briton fighting off the Romans. He's, um, energetic. And bruised. :D

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