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how do you know if they need flashcards (math)


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DD will be 6 next week and is doing Miquon orange book (maybe halfway through) at home and basic addition (1, 2, & 3 +'s, answers no higher than 10 so far) at school. She can generally figure out the answers to the school math in her head, but I can tell she's counting in her head and not just knowing the answers. She's my first so I have no idea how to tell whether she needs to do flashcards or not. Do I just let her keep going without flashcards as long as she can figure out the answers reasonably quickly, or would it be beneficial to start doing flashcards?

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I used flashcards with my son when he needed to have quick recall of multiplication facts. He needed to really learn them well and not spend 10 seconds remembering every time.


Your daughter is still quite young. She should know basic addition facts from memory but she isn't at the point yet where you need to be concerned, at least I don't think so. I would probably give it a little more time and see if she improves. If she doesn't, flashcards might be helpful.

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i've never used addition or subtraction flash cards, but we use multiplication currently with my daughter for drill. we do the entire CLE pile of cards daily. she knows them very well, so we use a timer to make it fun now & she is constantly trying to beat her best time. with my son, i'll drill with multiplication flash cards as well (when he gets into that). with addition and subtraction, it seems our program has enough review built in already, so there's no real need in that regard.



ETA - i think it is very normal for a 6 year old to still count in their head or on their fingers.

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I'm no expert, but it sure seems like it couldn't hurt, could it?


We LOVE the three-corner flash cards; they're fantastic.


They really helped the little guy to understand the connection between adding and subtracting within the same three numbers...




Another thing that's helped is something that was suggested by someone here. My son loves this game:


You play like rock/paper/scissors, but at "1-2-3-Shoot!" you each put out fingers on one hand, and the child adds them together verbally. (This way it comes out to ten or less).


"Two plus three equals five!"


We also do it with subtraction...he subtracts the lower number from the higher.

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