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After starfall.com comes ????


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Mt kids are 6 1/2 and 4 - we have had a subscription to starfall.com for the past year. It expires in 2 weeks and I do not want to renew it because they don't really like to play on it anymore. I asked the 4 year old twice last week and he turned me down. So I am looking for 'cheap' or free alternatives or 'next step'. I would like it to be something educational but at the same time offer them come choice in what they want to do.


They currently have been playing uptoten.com and I am not that fond of it. Not enough to not let them play it, but well, it just seems strange to me and not really educational.


The older is starting to read a little bit, we are at lesson 57 in the Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading and she is doing book 2 about halfway done in Explode the Code. Does ok with 3-4 letter words, 5 letters starts to get hit and miss, and then starts to freeze up at 6 or more letters (airplane, because, started, etc.) which seem to be in all the 'I can read' type books that are not phonics based. In math she is doing basic one digit addition/subtraction and starting 2 digit.


The 4 year old knows most of his letters and numbers up to 20ish if counting one at a time. I am hoping for something that they can both enjoy and get something out of.


Any ideas?

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My dd5 went to Jumpstart. I personally don't like it as much as Starfall because Starfall is more "directed" and kind of leads you from one to the next. Jumpstart (at least the virtual world) is like a computer game but it does incorporate loads of learning games.


I loved the Jumpstart Virtual world computer game we bought at Best Buy for $20. But what I didn't realize at the time is that you only get the first couple of levels and then you need to purchase the Jumpstart online membership to continue playing. My dd got a lifetime membership as a birthday gift which was great and she loves however the online one is --- I guess I would describe it as more busy. I don't like how you can see other people playing and have contact with them (if you allow your child with the chat feature)


Anyway- my answer to your question is probably convoluted. My dd LOVES it. I suppose I am okay with it but I find I limit her time on it much more than I ever did on Starfall. Starfall is totally educational and Jumpstart is partly educational and partly superficial entertainment.

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headsprout has been a big hit here. you can try out the first three episiodes for free. it's pricey but both my 4 and 6 year olds have really enjoyed and learned w/ it. My 6 year old could NOT do opgtr this summer, even though he knew his letter sounds before starting it. It was to much or something for him. after doing the first 40 lessons on headsprout he was much more willing to do opgtr!

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