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If you've dealt with fluid retention in pregnancy and successfully gotten rid of it..

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What did you do? I'm in early pregnancy, but already thinking ahead as I get lots and lots of fluid retention. I gain 40-60 pounds in my pregnancies (healthy, no blood pressure issues, glucose, etc., that's just what I do!) and I lose it all in the first two to three weeks. (thankfully) I usually don't deal with fluid retention except in pregnancy, but have been since July. I have PCOS, so I assume that is a symptom that popped up. Anyway, being pregnant now means delivery in July/August...in the south...in Texas. :) I've never had a summer baby and I am afraid of all the fluid retention that could come from the pregnancy, but also the heat. Eye-yi-yi... I would LOVE to know if someone has avoided fluid retention in pregnancy, if you are prone to it. Here's hoping!!! :) I've heard drink lots and lots of water, eat more protein, prop your feet up. Does that really work? (It hasn't for my present fluid retention) What else?

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