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Does anyone have Darda or Blutrack race tracks? I am looking at tracks for our 5yo. Any opinions on how well these hold up to use? I like the idea of the Blutrack being able to race two cars at a time, use regular hotwheels cars, and just roll up to put it away. But it seems very pricey. Can you use regular cars on the Darda tracks? If not, are the Darda cars worth the cost?



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My boys have the Darda ultimate set (called Create-A-Course). I am not familiar with the other brand. Regular cars do fit on ours and particularly my younger boy does enjoy making tracks just to play with his Matchbox cars. However, the most spectacular thing about Darda is the loops. They really are incredible. When DH first saw the Darda set and the plans for some of the track setups with multiple extreme loops, he was extremely skeptical (to put it mildly :tongue_smilie:). He's changed his tune now. At 5, DS8 had a hard time assembling some of the more complex structures but now he and DS5 do it like a pro due to experience, age, and practice, practice, practice. New models of the Darda cars also make great stocking stuffers for years to come. :D


ETA: In case I wasn't clear, I highly recommend the Darda stuff and find the set and cars to be well worth the cost (although that's easy for me to say because it was a gift from Grammy and Grandpa). :lol: I do buy a couple of new cars each year though, and they're great. They have a lot of power in those wind up engines.

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