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I think I just fired our contractor.

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I *hate* working with contractors. Our ONE ROOM addition took 8 months to complete. Yes, he did a BEAUTIFUL job and we get complimented on it all the time. At the same time, an acquaintance of mine had a huge home and three car garage with apartment on top built in a third that amount of time.


Thankfully we have a newer home. The kitchen remodel was a choice, not a necessity. We started this in May. MAY!!! The final step is the tile back splash. I was told it would be completed by my party this weekend. Then I was just told , as in minutes ago, that they couldn't give us a date as to when they'd be out next. I just sent a response which showed my extreme dissatisfaction and asked for an exact date for him to come and get all his materials. I will set that **** tile cutter out in the driveway if he doesn't get it soon. I've been parking my car outside for MONTHS now and I'm not going to continue to do so.


I'm SO DONE with contractors. I want to redo the upstairs bathroom (really, WHAT was the builder thinking with our kitchen and bathroom?!) but we will MOST DEFINITELY do all the work ourselves.


Vent, whine and rant.



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Yes, I've learned not to pay too much up front, and to be very careful about what I say to contractors. The slightest hint of "don't worry about us, it's OK if we wait another week" can backfire and turn into months. I've also learned to refuse payment until the job is completed to our satisfaction.

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