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Does anyone follow/use The Rule of St. Benedict?

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If so, I have lots of questions for you:


What does it look like for you?

Do you incorporate the Rule as part of your homeschool? If so, do your kids know what you're up to?

Do you have any good book recommendations?

Any other thoughts you would like to share?


Thanks so much!



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Not now, but I hope to join the Benedictine third order when I'm finished with homeschooling. Doing both homeschooling and going through the process for the order are too much together considering where I live. If we are still here at that time I'll have to drive 3 hours one way to participate.

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I enjoy reading the Rule of St Benedict, but I follow my own plan of life. It changes as life changes, but generally consists of getting up when the alarm goes off (St Josemaria calls this the "heroic moment" - and it feels heroic when I follow through!) and making my morning offering; spending some time in prayer (15 min) before the boys wake up; during our morning school break, I spend a few minutes in the new testament and then do about 10 minutes of spiritual reading; angelus at noon; rosary in the afternoon; examination before bed. We also attend daily Mass a few times a week, I wish it were daily but we are working on it. The point of it all is to be reminding myself that I am in the presence of God as I go throughout my day, and to offer my work to him and do it as well as possible.

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Ohhh, this was one of the earliest books I read when we were converting to Orthodoxy. I loved seeing in a real-life, home-based mom way how an ancient faith can be lived out vibrantly.

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