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Fascinating book for *you* if you are studying Middle Ages time period

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This book is PERFECT for the parent's own reading to go along with early Britain, Vikings, etc-it's called Saxons, Vikings, and Celts: The Genetic Roots of Britain and Ireland, by Bryan Sykes.




Great read-he uses DNA to find cultural clues, etc. It takes what you read in SOTW or whatever spine you're using about these cultures and expands on it for the adult or older teen. He goes into a lot of the history, etc. I'm really enjoying it.


We've also been reading a lot about genetics as a family, so it goes along with that. Portions of it could be read aloud to kids that have an interest in that kind of thing, but overall, it's over kids' heads.


I DO NOT agree with everything the author says by any means (we are YE so that opens a bunch of problems right there-lol), but I gloss over what I don't agree with and move on.

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