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What Can you tell me about Pokemon?

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My kids (girl and boy) watched the show, collected cards for several years, and played the game. It was a fun, harmless hobby, and my kids claimed it was good for math skills (haha).


We are very conservative, and many of ds's friends were not allowed to play Pokemon. We explained that early on, and he would not take the cards or any (Gameboy) games to church. If friends came over, he'd ask them.


His Pokemon years have passed. I rather miss it.

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Pokemon came and went just like all the other toys crazes. For my girls it feel somewhere between Neopets and Webkinz. The cards are long gone but they all still have their Pikachu stuffies and for some strange reason even the 18 year is ademant that I don't get rid of the old VCR tapes (that's how long ago my kids went through that stage). I wouldn't worry. This too shall pass.

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I think pokemon is actually kind of cute. :) We've watched the shows, and we have a DS game. I see nothing wrong with it whatsoever.


:iagree:My twins loved Pokemon for years. They collected the cards, had the games, and loved the stuffed animals. I thought they were cute, and I sometimes find myself missing those days when Pokemon was their whole world.

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My oldest loves pokemon and has gotten his brother involved, too. It has been a very positive influence in our lives.

My oldest is "quirky" and had a hard time finding things to talk about with other kids. We have intentionally introduced things to him that we hear a lot of other kids talking about. Several years ago it was pokemon. So, he started with the video games and books. He loved them so we moved on to cards.

A year ago we found him a local pokemon league. It's free and fun! Here's what he's learned: losing gracefully, winning gracefully, helping littles, speaking kindly to others about their attitudes/loudness/etc., taking turns, that it's not all about winning, how to take compliments, how to take criticism and offered advise.

All of these things we had had a hard time teaching at home. All of these things he struggled with when he started out. But, I think because all the kids there are "quirky" also, they understand and he has truly found a place to be involved and belong. He looks forward to pokemon league every Saturday!

Here's other bonuses: The cards retain a lot of value. Many of them sell for over $10 on ebay. That's sell not list. Many are higher. If they are competitive, at a higher level, there are scholarships in tournaments as prizes.

My boys just played their first tournament last weekend. Ds8 got 4th in his division and won 4 packs of cards. Ds11 got 3rd in his division and also got 4 packs of cards. They came away with beach balls and stickers as freebees.

So, while I don't understand pokemon at all, it's one of my favorite things in the world right now. We accomplished more behavior mod with pokemon than I could ever have dreamed!

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*I* played Pokemon when the first Red and Blue versions came out. It's a good (well done) game. We also tried a couple subsequent versions, but it's just more of the same. I have not seen the cartoon in a long time, but I watched it when it first came out and it was cute. If they're going to play a game, it might as well be Pokemon.

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