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Is it rude . . . ?

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Is it rude to tell a caller (like a telemarketer) that you can't understand them?


It's because of accent, but there's this one guy that keeps calling about the electric choice "thing" around here.


I wanted to nicely tell him "I do not understand a word you're saying, nor the purpose of the call" but that seemed rude. Then again, he called 5 times, literally, in the span of 2 hours, so I guess I should not have cared if I came across as rude.


I truly do not understand this man well enough to have any type of conversation with him.


So what do you say?

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I say that often when receiving calls from telemarketers that I truly cannot understand. Some times they try to speak more clearly, some times they just hang up. If I can't understand what they're saying and my attempts to communicate go unheeded, I hang up.


5 times in 2 hours? Sounds like he didn't understand YOU either!

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