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Bona floor cleaning system questions.

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I really need a better system for cleaning floors.

I have looked at the Bona system. I have hardwood in the bedrooms, laminate in the kitchen/dining/halls, and vinyl in the bathrooms.


What do I need? I really don't want a refillable mop. I would be happy to have pads that are washable. Do I just need different cleaner but the same pads? I want to be able to dust mop the floor before I clean it, but I do have an electric broom for frequent in between clean ups. I just find that if I want to mop it, I need to sweep or dust mop first.



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I think it is *SO* much easier to use the Bona mop system than it is to use the spray plus the pads. I put it off, trying to get by, for about 5 years and dh finally just bought me the mop system this summer. I really, really regret waiting that long. Seriously, I am *happy* to clean my wood floors.


I highly recommend the white fluffy pad for when you just need to clean up dust bunnies. I really love the blue mop pads. They are better than other brands, imo, and have held up better to my constant washing. It's worth it to get two pads if you have children...one to wash and hang dry while the other is in use.


I have two Bona mops (I got a second as a gift when I had more wood floors installed.) The one with the mop solution attached that is triggered by a squeeze handle is the way to go. The other, that is just the stick with the mop head is not designed well, imo. It has come apart on me twice now.

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Well, I don't have kids or pets living here on a regular basis, but the grands do leave their mark when they are here. ;)

It is the laminate floors that I will be cleaning more often. Can you use just the dust mop pads on the system mop too?

Does Bona have a product for vinyl floors? I guess I dont' picture myself dumping out and refilling the system with different products for different floors.

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I love Bona. :001_wub:


Vinegar left streaks on my floor unless I dried them. :glare: Ditto just plain water. And I'm just not going to do Murphy's Oil. Blech.


I already had a microfiber mop "system" from Don Aslett: 1 washable pad for dustmopping, one washable pad for wet mopping. I alternate between dustmopping and vacuuming (I also have an Electrolux cannister vac), just because vacuuming gets things ever so much cleaner than dustmopping, especially when there are parakeet feathers and birdie seeds and whatnot :glare:, and I use Bona to *clean* the floor afterwards.


I do have a steam mop which I use occasionally, but really, it's a simple matter to take out the spray bottle of Bona, spray, and mop. Takes just a few minutes.

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I just use the Bona mop with the washable pads and spray. Our Costco has a 200-ounce bottle with a 24 ounce spray bottle for around $15. That is an awesome price.


I haven't seen Bona at Costco, but I will be checking that out. Seems my iron decided it no longer want to heat or hold water, so I will be out getting a new one as I am in the midst of many sewing projects!

Mop might have been more fun. :lol:

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