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Need some make-up suggestions

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I need some suggestions of covering fine lines and covering circles without getting that wrinkled look under eyes that powders give. Also, any suggestions of foundation would be appreciated. I want to give myself a boost for the new year and start putting more effort into the way I look everyday. Thanks ladies!

Oh for general info my skin is normal to dry, I am 43 (almost), light skin tone but not the pinkish tone- I tan so more of a yellow tone(German decent). Fairly even skin tone with large pores on my nose that I wish I could stuff with Crisco to make them go away:glare:

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I just did this for myself. I like this site http://www.beautypedia.com/ for finding products worth purchasing. She gives thoughtful reviews that consider ingredients that might irritate, cost vs claims --and whether those claims are for real--how long the product lasts both on your face and in the tube, which skin types they work best for, and even which shades are complimentary and which do not look right on. She includes both over the counter and department store brands. Forgot to say lotions, pore reducers, etc are also reviewed.


For under eye I just bought Clinique's ALL About Eyes. It was more costly than what I was previously using, but it does a much better job. New make up was a Christmas gift for me.

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I'd try one of those tightening creams--I hear they are great for puffiness and fine lines.


FWIW, some recommend the mineral powder stuff, but for me, it accentuates the lines and made me itch (blsmuth, maybe)--so I hear you when you say no powder.


The problem I always have is that putting something under my eyes to hide discoloration or puffiness always makes it easier for my mascara to rub off. If you have any tips for that while you are asking about makeup, I'm :bigear:.

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