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"Negotiation Generation" book---question

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I have a 12yo, and found that most of the book was things I already knew but did need to be reminded of.


Most of the book can be summed up in one sentence from it...Children who don't listen have parents who talk to much. (that may be paraphrased!)


Good basic advice like not asking a question when there is not really a choice, Get Off Your Butt parenting so after you have told them once, you go and ensure compliance rather than telling them again. (Action rather than words)


Hubby was continually adding "OK?" to the end of everything he told DD, which is obviously a no-no.


Some of the techniques I think are easier with a younger (are you really going to WALK your 12yo to her room to clean it?) But the general rules work with all ages.


I enjoyed it but didn't find it especially groundbreaking, since I already knew most of the principles.


NOTE sorry for any typos...its BC (before coffee....:tongue_smilie:)

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thanks for this review...I can't decide if it's worth buying or not. I have 2 kids ( 11 and 9) that seem to think it is perfectly ok to argue their way out of anything...and it is driving me NUTS!!!! If there is a different book I should be looking at, I am all ears too!! THANKS!!

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