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Inspirational books for dd13?

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My youngest dd loved the PreTeen Chicken Soup for the Soul book I got for her last year, so this year I'm getting her the Teenager one. BTW, does anyone know if that book is geared toward older teens? Dd13 isn't ready to be reading about relationships and possible intimacy! Eeek! Are there similar books to the Chicken Soup for the Soul series that she might enjoy?


Novels are a bit more difficult to buy for her. It's so hard to pinpoint her reading tastes!! Her favorite author is a local author that she knows personally, Jackson Pearce. She also absolutely loved Mysterious Benedict Society and the Charlie Bone books.


But I would love any suggestions! She's gone into teenager-hood with gusto! She is mature for her age, takes things seriously, doesn't like cutesy stuff (because she feels she is too old for such stuff), and couldn't think of a single thing she wanted for Christmas. I'm supposed to surprise her. :tongue_smilie:

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