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i am old -- help me -- tablet / Android Operating System

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daddy and i looked at the leap pad tablet for the boys for Christmas


currently Daddy brought up this -- Pandigital 7" Color Touchscreen 2GB Tablet PC Featuring Android Operating System http://www.walmart.com/ip/Hot-Holiday-Tablet-PCs-featuring-7-10-Color-Touchscreen-Google-Android-OS/19397282#ProductDetail


we are wanting something ONLY for car rides (any place here is 45 minutes one way) -- and when we have to go to longer doctor or therpy appt


the boys would not have access to them 'all the time'


the concern is that the leapfrog leap pad is too limited -- the games are $$ and you are locked in to the games and so on


the tought being 7 inch tablet (cheaper actually) could down load more games and so on AND put movies on -- the leap pad tablet won;t allow movies.




1. thoughts?


2. tell me about Android Operating System -- if you have something on it?


3. anyone know if I'd be able to LOCK internet -- it is wifi compatable ( and daddy is already thinking how he can view sports on it as we travle ....) they boy are young -- the can't read -- i do not vant them 'randomonly" clicking things --you know .. that could be a mess...


4. thoughts??

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It looks like a great price for what you need. You won't have enough memory out of the box for movies but that's easily fixed by picking up a bigger SD card. The battery life looks decent, around 5-6 hours for something that's going to be for car rides.


I honestly wouldn't worry too much about the internet. For kids your age it would be a challenge to find anything objectionable by accident.

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There should be a way to turn off the wifi, and that would solve the problem, but honestly on a car ride there would be no wifi hot spot. It might not be password protected, some are and some are not, so you would have to check on that if they were to take them into a fast food place on the trip. It is easier than I thought to find objectionable content.


Be careful when downloading games, stick to well reviewed apps. Android is great in that anyone can make an app and post it for sale, but it has been the target of viruses and such. It is kind of the PC of the tablet world.


The kids will love it!

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does anyone have the


Android Operating System


and is it easy to use / are there educational games / apps for 4 to 6 to and so on -- basic math, phonics and more .....


mainly is it easy to use?????:001_huh:


I appercipate the support -- i am so not good at this.

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