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PSAT Score - Happy!!!

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I don't know where else I can brag, so bear with me. ;) Dd got a 210 - yay! I am thrilled for her. A perfect score in the writing, which was a nice surprise, and a 59 (79th percentile) in math, which was not a surprise. I knew math would be what pulled her score down, but I really didn't think her other scores would be strong enough to put her in range of commended status!


As an extra bonus, the scores were in the mail when we returned from a weekend with extended family. Translation: a weekend filled with, "So, how do you know if your kids are really learning anything? How do you know they'll be able to go to college? I would not want to mess with my kids' futures like that. Aren't you even considering sending them to a real school for high school?" So I'm doing the happy dance here for those reasons, too, b/c after a weekend like that, I desperately needed some affirmation that I am, in fact, not ruining their lives!


Thanks for listening!! Now if only we didn't live in VA, and that score had a better chance of being semi-finalist level... ha...

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