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I wasn't, because I was doing school then washing dishes. I won't be again in a minute because we're going to have a go at constructing our gingerbread house kit.


I only dropped by to see if Mergath had made any more comments on the Shakespeare forum, coz she's so enthusiastic. :) But you guys were here too!


Gone again!

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I'm here, but we are all in front of the TV watching Return of the King. Ds had never seen the movies, and the pre-requisite for dd seeing them was to read The Hobbit. Ds and dh read through the book over Thanksgiving break. The beacons are about to be lit!


I'm jealous! Just got home from Co-Op Christmas Program. ugh. Return of the King sounds much better!

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I'm here! A friend kidnapped me tonight and took me clothes shopping!!! This store served wine and cheese and appetizers. It was the best time shopping I've had EVER!!!! I bought a nice bow for my dd's hair and that was IT! I felt WAY too weird in anything they had there for me. It was a boutiquey place. Fun, but not me.

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