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Hug your kids

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I'm not looking forward to school tomorrow. I feel so badly for the families esp here at Christmas, but there is no good time for something like this.


Oh my goodness. I was almost sick reading that article. I can't even imagine (and most definitely don't want to.) Prayers for those poor families.

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They're saying everyone died on impact. At least it was quick. But I saw (and had in class) some of these students last week (plus other times, of course). I might have siblings in class today (since yesterday and today I've been shadowing an 8th grade teacher who I'm taking over for during her maternity leave). I haven't pieced together all siblings just yet, but we're in a semi-rural area.


Our school has never lost 5 students at once before. The most I can remember at any one time has been 1 - which is one too many, but...


This accident occurred roughly 3 miles from my house. I saw the emergency vehicles heading there as I was headed home yesterday (I turn off VERY shortly before the accident).


The students died about 15 minutes after school ended.


Not that anyone needed to know any of the above. I think I just needed to talk/type about it. I'll be off computer until a bit later today - other than for the next half hour or so.


Thank you for prayers. I feel so badly for the families involved - and the folks in the truck who were absolutely not at fault. No "cause" is known yet, but the speculation is distracted driving - not speed, not alcohol, etc.


Remind your drivers/passengers that drivers need to DRIVE. Mine have that message the hard way.

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Hugs and prayers, Creekland.

And a gentle reminder that for each of us here agonizing over history program choices, there is another who is just grateful at the end of each day that their teenager is still alive. And that the most important curriculum choice we make during high school is probably drivers ed, sex ed, and substance abuse ed, not math. Whoever suggested professional driving lessons for the whole family was wise. We live in a messy old world.

Creekland, this happened in my town when we were growing up. The only reason my husband wasn't in that car was that his family had a firm rule that he couldn't get into any car not driven by a parent. He went home, instead, to get his mother to drive him. I wish wish wish this country had widespread public transportation. Is the school going to offer any counceling to its students? That is a large enough group that in a small school, everyone will be touched by the tradgedy.



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Those poor families. I feel especially sorry for them and for friends, classmates, teachers like you, creekland, and the whole community that will be dealing with this.


The car is just demolished. From what I read, it sounds like the road they were travelling on is a bad one and that there have been other accidents on it although not as bad as this.



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:grouphug: My husband lost five members of his senior class in an eerily similar car crash almost 30 years ago. He still comments on it occasionally even after all these years. He grew up in a small town and the graduating class was only about 100 so losing 5 people left a big vacuum. My thoughts and prayers are with you today.

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Wow. I can not imagine- I don't want to imagine. I said a prayer and posted this to my facebook as I know many people on there will keep this situation and your community lifted up in prayer :grouphug: This is just a graphic reminder that we do not have a set amount of time. Nobody is guaranteed to live to old age.



How did things go today?? Praying for all involved!

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Thanks everyone. The high school today was pretty much mostly kids and teachers standing around (or sitting sometimes) and talking. There were small groups everywhere. The school had a bunch of counselors available, but mostly, kids just wanted to talk with those they knew. Very little "school" got done (understandable).


The middle school was a bit different with most classes continuing as normal except letting kids out who were close to and/or affected by the accident. Since I was in the middle school, this (quite effectively) changed the brain focus as we got on autopilot, but now that it's finished, the brain automatically switches back.


I did go to the high school on my free period and talked with some of the kids there. It's all incredibly sad - large holes in friendships and classrooms.


It's really weird seeing all the news trucks outside the school. They are forbidden to come onto school property except for a candlelight vigil tonight, but they are right there on the edges.


Did I mention that our superintendent also lost his dad on Sunday? I understand that was more "expected" but still, coming at the same time as this can't be easy.


This all seems so unreal. I drove by the crash site this afternoon on my way home - I couldn't help it. It looks so innocent - except for the group of kids gathered there for another vigil. 24 hours earlier it was the scene of it all.


There are also rumors that it might not have been quick for all who died. I'm hoping those aren't true. Time will tell I suppose.


Life is short. Seize the day. Don't sweat the small stuff. Don't part angry. They all have new meaning. These kids were just heading to a house after school - no drugs, no alcohol, no excessive speed - just some sort of inattention (so they think). And life has irrevocably changed for so many now.

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