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What do to at a 15 year old's birthday party?

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15dd just invited several girls over tomorrow night for a birthday party. Now I need to figure out what to do with them for 3 hours. We are in MIchigan and it will be cold and dark so anything outside is out.


15dd has some special needs so is more like a 10-12 year old.


Would supper, a movie and a bit of free time be OK? If so, what movie? Many are from quite conservative families so something G or very mild PG might work.


Any other ideas?

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Pizza, movies and a mini-spa would probably go over well.


We have done a lot of old movies at sleepovers with kids from conservative families. They find the 1933 version of King Kong to be hilarious, for example.


Mini-spa: facials with avocado or oatmeal, something with low-allergy potential. You can buy facial masks, but I think girls like the idea of making their own. Nail polish for hands and feet.


eta: You could also let them make bath salts, soap, lipgloss and/or lotion to take home. You can find kits at the craft store.

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Considering the time of year, would gingerbread houses go over? We had a party for 8-10 10-14 yr olds where they got to decorate gb houses. I bought the kits, hot glued them together on painted phywood boards-just slapped on cheap white paint, & made up the icing before hand. DDs went to Wally world & loaded up on all kinds of candy for decorating. It was a really, really big hit & one of the best parties we've had!

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A group of girls can spend a *long* time doing their nails! Some silver polish with a crackly finish was a huge hit around here recently (I think the brand was Opi). It goes over another color and then I think you put a clear layer on top.

I love having a group of girls around. Enjoy!

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I f you can swing it, get some plain white or pale colored t-shirts and fabric paint in bottles/pens and enough sheet so f cardboard (one per shirt) to hold the shirts while they dry. The girls can decorate their shirt when they arrive as a group activity - then set them somewhere safe to start drying while aprty continues. When each girl leaves, she takes her shirt with her on its cardboard to finish drying at home. It is also her party favor.


Or - ribbon, oddments, etc. to handmake tree ornaments? Idea is a craft which takes up time, amuses the girls, and serves as their party favor.


If you have old cd's you do not use, they make good bases for glued-on stuff, etc. and with a ribbon around it - there is a holiday ornament.


Or - let them loose to bake a couple large (pizza-size) cookies in the kitchen, each girl gets a fraction of a cookie to decorate as her own - later the baked pizza cookie is a major party snack. My teen girls love this.

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Sorry, I don't *do* anything for my dc's parties at this age, other than provide food.


They have enough toys, games, video games and movies to keep them and their friends busy for a long time. Ds just turned 15 last week, and he had no problem entertaining his friends for 6 hours.


I did brainstorm with dd11, to help her come up with things she and her friends could do, and write down her ideas. Sometimes there is a lull in the action, or they can't think of what to do at first, and this way she would have a pool of options.


My dc love hosting their own parties, and having mom be the "silent and scarce" chaperone busy in the kitchen, keeping the snacks coming!

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