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Help me think this through - Christmas gift related

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Oldest dd wanted Kelly Clarkson tickets, so much so that she was fine if it was the only thing she got for Christmas. Well, it is. They were $90 a piece. I'm going with her. At 17, she ain't going alone!


But I was looking through my jewelry box the other day and saw the first pair of diamonds earrings dh ever gave me that I haven't worn in ages. They are tiny tiny tiny! I mentioned to dh maybe we could give those to her as well. It's "free" and they would be a total surprise. His comment was what about middle dd? I have another pair of diamonds about the same size that I think came from my grandmother's estate.


But where I think 17 is old enough to give dd a pair, I think 14 is a tad young. Then there is the issue of getting them at the same time, not the same age. Then also, I don't know that either one will appreciate them as they both wear large earrings. As I said, these are tiny!




(Actually, the more I think about it, it's the only pair he gave me. I have others, but not from him. The others are also from my grandmother's estate. I don't have reasons to get really dressy so I don't wear any of them really often. But these 2 pair of small ones, not at all.)

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Hmmm. This is a tough one.


I really don't like "real" jewelry. I prefer costume jewelry. If you dds wear big costume earrings, will they like the tiny real jewelry?


Why are you giving her the earrings? Because she's really like them, or just because you want to round out the gifts for free? You'll need to think that over.


If it's to round out the gifts for free, then it doesn't really matter if you give dd14 a pair as well.


If it's because you realized that dd17 is finally old enough for the special earrings, then give them to dd17, and let dd14 know that she'll get hers when she's 17.

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I wear tons of big costume jewelry because it is what is in style, but I also happily wear small diamonds earrings from my grandmother. I know that the real stuff isn't cheap and that people can tell the difference. ;) I think your dd will be thrilled to get the real diamond earrings.

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