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2nd Grade Handwriting


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DD has been using HWOT. She is about halfway done with the second grade book. Her letter formation is good. But, she is having a hard time with the spacing of words and making all of the letters the same size. I'm guessing some of this is just normal 2nd grader but, I'm wondering if there would be a handwriting program that covers this better.

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Same here!:bigear:

I also notice my ds does well writing in the book, but as soon as he writes something on a blank sheet, the letters are huge and his spacing is even worse.


I'm guessing (and hoping) that the problem with a blank sheet is normal. I recall my mother lightly penciling in lines and then erasing them when I had to write without guide-lines. I notice the same problem with DS. He does much better with lined paper or when I draw lines for him.

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