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Looking for ideas for a sensory seeking 3yo.

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I'm pretty sure my just turned 3yo dd (Today is her B-day!) is sensory seeking. She won't play with regular toys but loves anything tactile. Dough, clay, paint, sand...you get the idea. I'm looking for ideas on activities to get together for her and trying to get over my phobia of having messes everywhere.:tongue_smilie:


So, right now she is sitting on a tablecloth with 2 bowls of dried rice and a bunch of spoons, funnels and measuring cups. She is loving it! I've even considered, as a Christmas present, filling a big storage container (like the size you store Christmas ornaments in...big enough for her to sit in) half full of rice and adding a bunch of plastic utensils and little toys to hide in it.


What are some other extremely tactile things I could put together for her? They need to be things that she can sit and do on her own while I am teaching.

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