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Video by a boy who is bullied.

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Someone shared this Youtube video on Facebook, and it seemed worth sharing. It was made by a boy who says he has been dealing with bullies since 1ST GRADE. I though other parents would be interested in what he had to say.


Warning: He mentions some very sensitive topics. (cutting and suicide)





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I saw that a couple of days ago and cried my eyes out for him. I never cut myself, but was bullied like that in school. My parents didn't have a lot of money, and so I had to wear thrift store clothes and stuff and was bullied and beat up on a daily basis. I told the teachers and principal but they did nothing. Its just one of the many reasons I homeschool my own children.

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I watched Piers Morgan's interview last night with the mother of Phoebe Prince, a highschooler who committed suicide some time ago following bullying. How heartwrenching and sickening.


The only practical solution (other than homeschooling) seems to be pushing for a "zero tolerance" policy in the school.


Apparently Phoebe's mother worked as a teacher in a school with such a policy, and it was effective. Sadly, her daughter did not attend the same school. She approached the assistance principal on more than one occasion, and was blown off. Teachers were in a position to witness many incidents, and did nothing.


Children, both the victims and aggressors, need to be shown, consistently and unequivocally, that the adults in their lives will deal with this behavior. It is the powerlessness and feeling they have nowhere to turn and no escape that drives victims to self-harm or suicide. It is the experience that bystanders (including adults) will not intervene that give bullies the confidence to carry out their attacks with no fear of consequences.


The system, and the adults who (supposedly) run it, have to take a stand.

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