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Stereo headphones for one ear only? For someone with hearing deficit . . .

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Dh has substantial hearing loss in one ear. This isn't a big problem most of the time, but he wants an mp3 player for Christmas.


I have one. Dd and ds have them. We enjoy them. And it's only through the headphones (earbuds) that I'm usually aware of the stereo quality of the recording. Sometimes dh and I will listen together, each using a single bud and sharing a favorite piece.


And I've only just begun thinking of what dh might be missing since he only hears one side.


Is there a type of headphone that will combine the stereo through one wire? He likes listening to music while he's studying or making lesson plans. He likes that it cuts out on the background household noises. I know we could use a speaker dock. I'm just thinking of something for him personally.


Any ideas for me/him?


(Dh might be helped with a hearing aid, but our insurance doesn't cover them. It will cover surgery, however. We've put it off as it hasn't been the priority crisis in our family so far . . . )

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