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Kindle Fire owners, a question about weight

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Do you find that the Fire gets heavy in your hands when you're trying to read--particularly if you're trying to read laying down? I'm trying to help someone out with a gift purchase decision, and he's worried about the extra weight of the Kindle Fire over the smaller versions. We have iPad 2's, and the Fire weighs significantly less, so I'm thinking it should be fine, but he's concerned.


Can anyone weigh in (ha!) on the issue?



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I greatly prefer the Kindle Fire to the iPad 1 or iPad 2 for reading in bed. The size is just right and the flat edges make it easy to hold. A little lighter wouldn't be bad, but I would not want it smaller. My main complaint about it for reading in bed is that the backlight does not get quite as dim as I would like for a dark room. It does have the night-reading mode for Kindle books, but that only helps with Kindle books, not for PDFs or the web browser.


For the record, MomsintheGarden prefers the smaller size of her phone ~4" for reading in bed. But I believe that is due to the fact that she does not wear her glasses when reading in bed and she is fairly severely nearsighted. (What's funny about this is that I bought the Kindle Fire because I did not like seeing her reading with her phone just a few inches in front of her face while reading in bed. But that is a topic for another thread. :tongue_smilie:)

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