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Nook / Kindle

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My mom can't decide which to get my sister.


I have a Nook, and my mom has a Kindle. So we are not partial to either. :001_smile:


I bought a Nook so I could borrow library books because at the time Kindle didn't have that option. That is no longer an issue.


My sister will read 99% of ebooks that are free. So, my mom would like to know who offers a larger selection of free ebooks, Amazon or B&N?


Another point is that I would be able to lend my sister some books that I have on my Nook, but I wouldn't be able to if she had a Kindle.

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Agreed Amazon has more freebies. I got a Nook about 15 months ago and by the time we finally bought a Kindle last month, we *already* had over 10X as many Kindle books as Nook books.


There are two main reasons for the difference: 1) We shop frequently on Amazon and almost never on B&N and 2) The freebies that B&N offered never interested me.

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I have had a Nook for almost a year and then just bought the new Kindle Touch for our family. I like the Nook, but I LOVE the Touch! It is so fast and easy to use and very lightweight. Amazon makes downloading books (including hundreds of free titles) extremely easy and fast on the Kindle. So my vote is for the Kindle Touch.

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I have a nook. I love it as far as an e-reader goes & liked the touch screen better than the keyboard back when that was an issue, but yeah...I like Amazon's selection better. The books that aren't free are the same price or cheaper (sometimes a LOT cheaper) at amazon. They've got a wider selection of what I want.


B&N's free "books" are either snippets--not the whole thing--or Harlequin. Blech. Customer service in-person at B&N stores has been so bad that last time I was there, I made dh promise not to let me spend $ there EVER again. :lol:


The nook can't read aloud like the kindle. Pdf's can't be marked on the nook like (I've been told) they can be on the kindle. No quoting online from what you're reading. 3G only works at B&N.com

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