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I'm using level B right now with my 9yo DS with autism. He has already completed MM 1&2 and MUS alpha & beta, but he wasn't ready to make the leap to multiplication. He's really liking MCP, as far as I can tell.


We do 1 lesson a day and it's just right for him. However, it has WAY too much practice for my other kids, and the focus is on process and procedure, not concepts. We also only have the student book. I hear the teacher's guides have more concept teaching and mental math strategies.


I also have the kindy book and I think a child coming out of MEP reception year could easily handle the K book. Compared to MEP 1, I think MCP is slightly easier. They seem to cover the same topics, but MEP goes into more depth and has children doing more investigative type exercises.


So to finally answer your question, yes,:) for my SN kiddo I really like MCP. I already bought level C for when he gets there. For the rest of my kids (all neurotypical) I'm going to stick with Singapore.

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Yes,I second Caribbean Queen. I like MCP a lot but I basically just used the TMs with occasional workbook sheets. I followed the TM lesson plan but used a whiteboard and had the kids do a few problems from the lesson on the whiteboard. I did like the standardized cumulative tests after each chapter. It gave my kids practice for their end of year bubble filling CAT tests.

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