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Home remedies for voice recovery after a cold?

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A friend's son is getting over a bad cold and can't yet hit the notes he needs to for an upcoming voice performance. Are there any home remedies I can recommend to help him recover any sooner? His mom doesn't want to push him, of course, but any gentle things to do to help would be great.



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Sinus rinses or a Neti pot. I prefer a homemade rinses of salt, baking soda, amd warm water. I use a nasal bulb lime you use for a baby. It helps clear congestion and soothe the sinuses.


Hot tea with honey. Don't drink extremes.....hot to cold to hot amd don't do lemon, orange juice, and milk products. Lots of warm water.


Steam will help as well.


Some people like a salt water gargle.

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