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My oldest dd gave me a gift last night...

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It was totally unexpected....for no reason what-so-ever. She's 19, going to tech school, and working. She's been having some fun spending her money...I can tell you that. :glare: :001_smile: Remember the day, a few weeks back, when we went to the Mall of America? Yeah....she's the one who bought the two left boots (I still have to get that straightened out!). Well, that night she was supposed to go to a Scentsy party about 30 miles away. We got a ton of snow while at the mall and the ride back was a bit worrisome. I told her I didn't want her to go to the party because it was dark, there was a lot of snow, her tires are not good.... She understood but was still disappointed (the friend she wanted to go with said she didn't want to go in the snow...so that made her feel better). She ended up ordering a bunch of Scentsy stuff anyway, without going to the party. Well, long story short (too late!)....she got her stuff yesterday. She called me in the room to look at her new things and the first thing she did was hand me a box and said "This is for you". :001_huh: :w00t: I was so surprised.....because this child rarely ever, ever, ever, pretty much never, does anything like that for me. It's a cute Scentsy plug-in for our kitchen with some wonderful cinnamon apple bar (wax). It was just so sweet of her. :001_wub: Then for awhile last night youngest dd was busy doing something on the living room floor. When she was done, she presented me with her creation....the most beautiful penguin that you ever did see. Instead of a white circle on his tummy, there is a huge red heart. :001_wub: She told me she felt left out that oldest dd gave me something and she wanted to do something special too. :001_smile:

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