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Help! Home party ideas for soon to be 11yo

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I need to plan a party for the 17th, a busy time for people. I am thinking of a home party and sleepover. She is turning 11. She likes to sing so I was thinking about karaoke and maybe playing games like the wii but what else to entertain 11 year old's all night?


Last year we did a home party with just two of her friends and we decorated gingerbread houses and watched a movie. I think I need to spice it up more this year and I am expecting more kids, maybe around 10 for the party and a few for overnight.


Any ideas?:bigear:




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Here are some things we do when we entertain overnight:


Make your own pizza party. We set up crusts for each child (if a lot of children we don't do individual crusts but do multiple larger ones). Then we have various toppings set out in little dishes. They make their own.


Usually after that we do a sundae party. We have several flavors of ice cream and put out toppings in bowls: caramel, hot fudge, whipped cream, cherries, coconut, pineapple, strawberries, gummy candies, chocolate chips, M & Ms, sprinkles, etc.


These consume quite a bit of time, and the children love doing it. Add that along with some games (karaoke), and it should be a full night. End the night with something quiet such as a family movie.


If you don't want to do sundaes, you could make up some sugar cookie dough and let them cut out various shapes and frost or decorate. It might be easier than gingerbread houses (we did that one year as well).

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